Frances Newell

Fran was the partner of Michael Hamel-Green and spent much time travelling to where he was staying. A cat and mouse journey, sometimes in costume so that she would not be caught or lead the Police to Michael.

Frances story

I was not a draft resister but through my support for the cause I became the recipient of the treatment that was meted out to many of them. That is being harassed, arrested and imprisoned.

I visited the houses that the Draft Resisters lived in, often wearing a wig and clothes that disguised me. Many people worked out what was happening but maintained the security for the Draft Resisters

I was gaoled on two occasions.  The first time, in May 1968, was as a result of being arrested for a sit-in on the road outside ‘The Lodge’ in Canberra.  The second time was in September 1969 for not paying fines for other sit-ins to protest conscription and the Vietnam War.