Presenter: Conservation, Environment & Resources Policy Committee
Speakers: Lisa Neville MP Minster for Environment, Climate Change & Water; Mark Wakeham, Environment Victoria; Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth; Matt Ruchel ,Victorian National Parks Association & Assocaite Professor Sarah Bekessy from RMIT.

Labor, at the State Election, made a commitment to introduce an Environmental Justice Plan, probably the first of its kind in Australia. The plan would talk about access to information and reporting on environmental hazards as well as appropriate access to the legal system to pursue environmental justice.

The Andrews Government has been working towards the implementation of this policy and, as part the April State Conference, we are able to offer an opportunity to engage party members with this issue.

Minister Lisa Neville MP will give an overview and representatives from environmental organisations including Mark Wakeham from Environment Victoria, Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth and Matt Ruchel of the VNPA among others will present their perspective to help us better understand the concept of environmental justice.

The question will be “What is environmental justice?” and will take the form of presentations by the panel members followed by a Q&A