About the Labor Environment Action Network

 The Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) is a broad based group of ALP members who are committed to supporting strong action on climate change.

LEAN aims to influence the policies of the ALP and Labor parliamentary caucuses to move to a low carbon economy in a way which reflects Labor’s values of social justice, decent work and strong communities.

To do this, LEAN aims to engage and mobilise Labor members around the issues of climate change and sustainability, both in Victoria and throughout Australia.

This involves interaction with members by:

  • Organising speakers for ALP Branch meetings to discuss climate change and sustainability
  • Holding regular forums and discussions, often with prominent environmentalists
  • Circulating resolutions for consideration by branches to promote debate on environmental issues
  • Coordinating ‘field trips’ to see first hand how environment protection is working.

LEAN is also developing dialogue and relationships with unions, business, think tanks, environmental NGOs and community organisations committed to action on sustainability and climate change.

This interaction helps develop and campaign for the implementation of policies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green jobs and support ecological sustainability.

It also assists in developing submissions to task forces and inquiries which have a focus on climate change and the environment.

LEAN is a new way for people to become involved in and engage with the Party on the issues affecting our environment.

For more information on LEAN, visit their website.