The Victorian Labor Women’s Network

The Victorian Labor Women’s Network (VLWN) is the official Victorian women’s network in the ALP. The VLWN believes that encouraging women to participate in all levels of the Party’s structure, government and public life is the best way to achieve policy outcomes that reflect the needs of women in the Australian community.

The VLWN provides a forum and stages events to increase the number of women active in the Labor Party. This facilitates and strengthens relationships between state Labor women organisations and the National Labor Women’s Network, as well as supporting the development of skills that assist women to participate in the ALP at all levels.

ALP Members:

All women who are ALP members are automatically a member of the Victorian Labor Women’s Network.

The VLWN wants to hear from you. Tell us your ideas on how we can help increase women’s participation in the Victorian ALP. VLWN can be contacted at


The Victorian Labor Women’s Network Executive is elected from Labor Party members and elections are held in conjunction with the FEA elections. The Executive coordinates all VLWN activities and events.

2023 Elections:

Elections for the Victorian Labor Women’s Network are due to take place shortly. To find out specifically about your eligibility to vote please email Victorian Labor members will be emailed with relevant ballot processes soon.

This message was posted on July 21st 2023. This page will be updated when the new VLWN executive is confirmed.

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